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This currently is an effort by United Scottish Athletics Directors (USAD), Ancient Athletics, and Iowa Heavy Athletics.


From the beginning, the goal of USAD  was to share resources to help solve problems faced by Scottish/Celtic festival’s Athletic Directors.  There was a desire to generate a set of rules that describes what we did in the Midwest.  While doing this, we discovered that some of our dissatisfaction with current rule sets was more a deficit in judges training.  This website sprouted from discussions on judges training.


The two main things this website should do is improve judges training (no matter the rule set used) and provide a resource for Athletics Directors.

The motivation for this website comes from the challenge faced by Athletics Directors who run multi-flight games in finding “qualified” judges.  Qualified in the sense that the judge is experienced enough to run a flight efficiently, safely, fairly, and meets the expectations of the throwers.

It is our believe that just knowing the rules is an essential for being a good judge, but being knowledgeable of the rules does not necessarily make someone a good judge.  We hope this website will fill in the gaps between knowing the rules and applying those rules, with an emphasize on safety and the application of the rules to the throws (rather than the rules that govern equipment, field layout, running the event, score keeping, ….).

Experience is the best teacher, but sometimes experience needs a helping hand.

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