These spreadsheet programs, HG_Scoring_V#.xlsb and Judging_Sheets_V#.XLSB (where # is the version number) ARE NOT FREEWARE.

The use of either of these spreadsheet programs are free for any 501(c)3 EDUCATIONAL organization (this covers almost every group that runs highland games) and covers a number of athletic only events (as they are run by the 501(c)3).

When you put a spreadsheet in the public domain,  even if you have air tight caveats on it, you loss control over it.  My caveats are designed to give me a tiny bit of control and piece of mind in providing a tool to help Celtic/Scottish Festival’s AD, who do not have the resources, time,  or skills but by their volunteering deserve support.

With that said, I have been burned by an Organization who have run a championship (and this is not MWC), I have been stung by top throwers who want to run championship, seen athletic only events hurt festivals, some done on purpose.  I placed caveats on these programs requiring certain organizations to seek permission in the hopes that I can support festivals that may be in the same situation, and deny the help to those who maybe be undermining (intentionally or not) a Festival.  Basically, it sucks when you and your organization busts their arse and others, knowing or unknown, harm your efforts.

The mission of 501(c)3 organization are educational; thus, they do things right by the culture, rather than what is profitable or convenient.  There is no guarantee that for-profit events, Renaissance fairs, and athletic only events will do the same.  I believe heavy athletics can not exist with out Celtic/Scottish festival and Scottish/Celtic Festivals are missing an important aspect of the culture without heavy athletics.  Thus, 501(c)3 educational organizations have free access and all others have to ask permission.

So here are my caveats:

  • Any organizations that qualify under 501 (C) 3 tax code for International Sporting Events needs express permission from Mark J McVey to use either of these spreadsheet. Period,
  • Athletic Only Events and Non profits who do not have their 501(c)3 status may use this program with permission.  The goal of this spreadsheet is to help the rank and file Festival ADs.  If you are not butting heads with a festival, than there should not be a problem.
  • For-profit events need to pony up money and get express permission from Mark J McVey to use this spreadsheet.  BTW, I do not want to make money, so I give these events option to donate to a couple causes, which are tax deductible.

I repeat: These spreadsheet programs ARE NOT FREEWARE

These spreadsheet programs are not to be distributed for money.

Any payments I received in person will be donated to:

One final thing – I have been accused of some ridiculous things on a message board; given the accuser, I should just chalk it up to that persons character.  However, I must admit here (read with very very full sarcasm):

  • I have great vision of the future, perhaps it is my West Indies heritage and the use of Voodoo.
  • This vision of future events allowed me to plow a great deal of time and effort in building, refining, and adapting these tool as a spiteful weapon.  In no way did the through of helping other ADs enter my mind.  This was all a spiteful, ridiculous, and silly plan put into play over a decade ago.

<SARCASM OFF> Sorry for the above.