The Caveats

Why Make this spreadsheet public?

It became clear to me that keeping track of who has the Excel scoring spreadsheet and what version they have will be a very big pain in the arse.  To eliminate that headache, I decided to put it out in the public domain and let the users check for updates.

The Problem:

When you put something in the public domain, even if you have air tight legal caveats on it, you have lost all control over it.  Risk management principals tell me to consider the current environment and all future environments.   My caveats are designed to give me a tiny bit of peace of mind as I unleash this software and lose control.

So why does just 501(c)3 Educational organization have unrestricted use?

Festivals run by 501(c)3 organizations are about the Culture and History as much as it is about heavy athletics.  The driving mission of those organizations is education as it is needed to receive that IRS designation.  Under this IRS designation, I feel there is a certain degree of security that the organizations pay due respect to the rich history behind Heavy Athletics.

Why the restrictive Caveats?

I tried to place caveats that hopefully will restrict some organizations and people from hurting 501(c)3 festival that run Heavy Athletic Events.  HERE IS WHY:

  1. My games was burned by an organization (not MWC) who ran a championship that did not occur at a Celtic/Scottish Festival but at a festival (that to me) exploited the culture for its benefit.  This incident is the driving force behind the caveats: Help ADs and protect 501(c)3 festivals.
  2. My games is experiencing the wrath of a former committee member; if he was an athlete he would probably try running an event against my festival.  Thus, I excluding non 501(c)3 events from free use.   This is the second driving force behind the caveats.
  3. I have seen festivals stung by top throwers who wanted to run a championship; Often I heard the defense that a “championship does not belong to anybody” — I think that attitude causes chaos.  A better defense is to lay out exactly why the steps of a hostile take over is being taken.  There are, at times, legitimate reasons.  However, when there is not, the victim of this situation is often a 501(c)3 festival who has supported heavy athletics for many years including plowing money into that championship.  I would rather have the 501(c)3 festival benefit from my labors, when there is no legit reason.
  4. I have seen a newly created athletic-only event hurt 501(c)3 festivals; granted, completely unattended harm.  I have also seen throwers try to purposely hurt festivals (over a beef with the AD) by running an athletic only event on the same day of a festival; This is wrong in so many ways. These are additional reasons why the restriction on non 501(c)3 organizations.


I  put caveats on the spreadsheet that require certain organizations to seek permission; I am doing this to support festivals that run Heavy Athletic Events because those festivals and their ADs may be in the same situation I have been in the past, or have seen in the past.   Basically, it sucks when you and your organization busts their arse and others, knowing or unknown, harm your efforts as well as dozens of volunteers.

The Future and why excluding 501(c)3 International Sporting Events

I still have not outlined why 501(c)3 International Sporting Events need permission. This is about the future and my bad experiences in the past. This has nothing to do with a MWC, which is run with great respect (as you would expect) to the history of the sport.

However, I do not know what kind of international sporting organization will be created in the future and/or know who will run them.  Will they have a degree of respect to the culture; or will they be exploiting the culture?   By allowing some future International Sporting organization free access, I have no say over whether I am supporting or not supporting that organization.  I would feel exploited and could be harming, how ever so slightly, a Celtic Festival that does have respect for the culture.  The cost of this “protection” is that 501(c)3 International Sporting Organizations must seek permission.  Unfortunately, SMAI who runs MWC falls under this.

I will not apologize about this or any other caveats/restrictions.  I do not play games and I have listed my motivations.  I can not control who others interpret it.

Summing It Up

I created the scoring spreadsheet to help ADs and I created the caveats to protect the organizations that have fostered and hosted heavy athletics in this country for over 100 years.  I want them to continue for the next 100 years.  So unleashing this spreadsheet has those caveats because I believe that heavy athletics needs the festivals as much as the festivals need heavy athletics.  I strongly believe the festivals that best serve Heavy Athletics are run by 501(c)3 organizations.