Measuring Records



U.S. records will be verified under the rules of NASGA, as the NASGA rules form the basis of other rule sets used in the United States. Records set at games sanctioned by a specific organization must also meet that organization’s rules. Where there is disagreement between the NASGA rules and the sanctioning body’s rules, the stricter rules apply. 

World records may be verified under the rules of NASGA, CSAF, SGA, IHGF, or other sanctioning body, with the understanding that the SGA or IHGF may not acknowledge records set under “looser” North American standards.

NASGA rules

When an American, North American, or World Record has been broken it is the responsibility of the Judge or Athletic Director to verify that record. The Record must be set within all rules for that event. The implement will be weighed on a certified scale and the weight will be equal to or more than the legal weight for that implement. In the case of the Weights for Distance, the Weight for Height, and the Hammer Throw, the overall length of the implement will be measured and the length will be equal to or less than the legal length of that implement.