Extra Throws and Height Events

There is two schools, one correct and one not.

Correct: In height events, there is no extra throws, the thrower keeps going until he misses 3 times.

Incorrect: Once the thrower has won the competition, he gets three extra throws at records, even if he missed his last three heights.

Two good threads discussed this on NASGA:

For height events, keep going until you have three misses, then you’re done. You shouldn’t get six attempts at one height. ~ Adam Guasch-Melendez

Bottom line – three consecutive misses at any time and you’re done. ~ Steve Conway

from http://www.nasgaweb.com/forum/record-attempts_topic9660.html


The rules as written are a little confusing. I believe the right way to do it is to keep going until you have three misses at a height, and then you’re done. There should be no extra attempts on height events after three misses. ~ Adam Guasch-Melendez

The rules used by the SHA are very specific. Three misses and you are out. You only get extra throws in DISTANCE events. Simple and unequivocal (unlike the jumble of other rule sets that are out there). ~ Carlos Borges

from http://www.nasgaweb.com/forum/question-about-wob-comp_topic1793.html